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I asked God "Why did you send this cross, The hurt
and the pain and the bitter loss?" And I found it
hard not to complain, As I sought for peace of soul
again,I asked God "Why did you destine me For such
a special misery"? And it seemed somehow that I
heard Him say, "Man does not walk an easy way.

"It's the ones I love the most that I Send crosses
to and sorely try, Remember this and know that
there Will come no grief you cannot bear, Behold, I
stand beside you in Each sorrow 'till the very end,
Dear little lamb stay close beside Your Shepherd
'till the eventide". What blessed joy it was to
find His footprints ever close to mine. He made the
sadness disappear, With words of comfort in my ear.
The pain of which I was afraid, Was lifted from me
as I prayed, Leaving such a light that I Never need
doubt or question why.

You may often think that life was cruel And dealt
you an unfair blow; The sun may not seem so bright
anymore. The stars may have lost their glow. You
may often wonder why the fates Chose you, from all
the rest, And placed on your shoulders a heavy load
And put you to such a test. Dear friend! Could it
be that God, so wise, knew you could bear the pain?
That he knew you'd fight and not give up That you'd
laugh and smile again? I believe it is so; that the
Good Lord knew You were able to bear this cross And
he gave it to you to carry, so Another might not be

Another who couldn't stand the grief Someone less
strong--less brave. And when He sent you these
troubles Of His strength He also gave, That you
might live as you're doing And smile tho' your
heart is sad And through your pain and suffering
Might make another glad. For every cloud, no matter
how dark, Has a silver lining you know; And every
star in the sky above For you, has a special glow.
And every day that goes swiftly by Is another step
to the Throne; And by patiently bearing your burden
You'll reach your Heavenly Home.

(author Grace E. Easley)